Economics can be a very boring topic, especially for those who do not understand the topic at all. Not everyone can listen to the debates of economists, but if this discussion is in Pakistan, then everyone would definitely like to listen.

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Alveena Agha, the anchor of Pakistan News channel News One TV could not control her laughter after a guest, Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, compared Pakistani and Indian bananas, discussing in detail how much better the latter was in size and quality. He said that even if 6 bananas of Mumbai are lying in the room, then the fragrance spreads throughout the room.

Naveed emphasised on growing the business of bananas to lift the economy.  He said that Pakistani landlords should grow bananas in Mumbai. He was also impressed with the bananas from Dhaka. 

He said the country needed better research to make better use of the soil, at which point Agha burst out laughing. In a clip shared on Twitter by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat, Agha is seen laughing as she talks about development issues.

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Despite the wild laughter by Agha, Naveed kept his cool replied with a smile, and said, “They should do research and bring the bananas from Bombay and Dhaka to Pakistan which would increase their demand and sale.”

 Now what to do even if female anchor Alveena Agha does, she tries to stop laughing for a long time but is unable to stop and then laughs out loud.  This video is shared by a lot of people and went viral on social media. The video crossed 10,000 likes and more than 2,000 users retweeted the post.