Drivers on a Florida highway encountered an unusual speed bump on Wednesday when an 11-foot alligator became strolled into the road and slowed the morning commute.

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Alligators can grow to be enormous creatures. As per Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state record for length is held by a male alligator measuring 14 feet and three-and-a-half inches, while the state record for weight is held by a male weighing just over 1,000 pounds.

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The alligator got into traffic on Seminole County’s State Road 417, prompting police to briefly close the toll road.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, the gator slid out of Lake Jesup and onto the northbound lanes in the Oviedo area.

After the gator halted the commute, the Florida Highway Patrol, police, and the Sheriff’s Office all responded. The gator was surrounded by Oviedo Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol cars to create a safe route for approaching traffic, according to traffic cams.

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However, the gator then went to the emergency lane, alleviating traffic on the roadway.

A trapper from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was dispatched to the location to retrieve the gator. 

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The enormous reptiles have lived in Florida’s marshes, swamps, rivers, and lakes for generations and may be found in all 67 counties, according to the agency.

Previously, on Easter morning, another enormous alligator was sighted strolling through the streets of a residential neighbourhood in Florida.

The gator was seen crawling over driveways with periodic rests as it travelled down to Harrington Lake in Venice, according to a video posted by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

It is unclear how or where the alligator was transferred.