Alex Tan was out on his daily morning walk along the shore of an Australian beach when he came across a creature that looked like it came straight out of an alien movie. 

Tan uploaded the video of the creature, that looked like a dead animal or an “extraterrestrial”, on Tuesday. Since its upload, the video has garnered over 47,000 views and several comments. 

“Best guess? (Dead animal / alien warning) Posted this to my stories but thought it’ll be worth having here so we don’t loose it. Genuinely keen to figure out what creature little buddy is,” Tan wrote in the caption. 

 “This is something you see when people claim they’ve found aliens,” he said in the video. “How weird is that?”

He added that the creature appeared like a “dehaired possum” but still does not completely resemble anything that he has ever encountered. 

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Several Instagram users poured in with their guesses. 

One user wrote, “I am almost certain it’s a ringtail possum. Skull and dentition match up, hands look the same and the size is about right too.”

Another user added, “Maybe a mini Chupacabra.”

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Others said that it could be a dead carcass of a kangaroo. 

Naming the bizarre creature “little buddy”, Tan quipped that it could be “extraterrestrial.”

This isn’t the first time that people have come across strange creatures washed up on the shore. 

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Last December, a man from California who was looking for dolphins landed up on a fish that looked mutilated and “bitten in half.” After doing some digging, it was later found that the animal was a Sunfish, a species that is bullet-like in shape and often stays close to the surface of the water to get sunlight. 

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A month prior to that, a man from San Diego found a deep-sea monster known as a Pacific football fish on a beach. 

 “You know, I go to the beach fairly often, so I’m familiar with the territory, but I’ve never seen an organism that looked quite as fearsome as this,” Jay Beiler told NBC San Diego.