If actress Yang Hye Ji looks familiar to you, it may be because of her most recent appearance in JTBC's Nevertheless. The actress has been receiving positive feedback for her role as Oh Bit Na in the K-Drama, and as she begins to build a name as a result of the show's popularity, a shocking fact about her family has begun to make news.

It was recently discovered that Yang Hye Ji's acting abilities do not come naturally to her, since she has a well-known cousin who works in the industry. Ahn Nae Sang, the popular actor, was finally revealed to be her uncle!

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Ahn Nae Sang is a seasoned actor who has been in the industry since 1994. Following his debut, the actor has appeared in numerous  films and television shows throughout his career: Tazza, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Moon Embracing The Sun, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Mouse, Law School etc.

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According to rumours, Ahn Nae Sang is Yang Hye Ji's uncle on her mother's side, implying that the veteran actor and the rookie actress's mother are siblings.

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In an interview, Yang Hye Ji stated that while she has never directly divulged this information, everyone in the industry was aware of it in some manner. She also stated that, while she does call her uncle for appearance advice on occasion, they do not generally discuss it during their normal chats.

 Yang Hye Ji's stint as Oh Bit Na came to an end not long ago, with the final episode of Nevertheless airing only a few days ago. While we will miss her lively personality , we ar elooking  forward to see what the future holds for this upcoming actor!