Lyricist Manoj Muntashir was accused of copying the 'Teri Mitti' song from the Bollywood movie 'Kesari' from a Pakistani song. There is a growing buzz on social media that suggests that the popular song was copied from a 2005 Pakistani song. However, the lyricist has discredited all the claims, while asking the accusers to do a little homework.

"Those making these allegations should kindly check the video which has been uploaded many months after the release of our film, ‘Kesari’. And for your kind information the singer is not Pakistani but our very own Indian folk singer Geeta Rabari. You can call and check with her, too," Muntashir told ETimes.

He further added that he knows Geeta personally and she has maintained a reverence around his creations. "Geetaji has always appreciated my work and you can even ask her," the 'Teri Mitti' lyricist said.

Muntashir seemed confident of his work and said that if it is proved that 'Teri Mitti' is plagiarised then he will quit writing forever.

Not only 'Teri Mitti', but the social media is also buzzing with people digging up old songs of his and stating that he has copied most of his works, including poems, too. Since plagiarism has come to the fore, most of his works have come under the scanner and are being met with harsh criticism.

Talking about the claims, Muntashir said that people are levelling allegations against him because of the video that he made on the Mughals. In the video, he has used 'strong words' against them, "referring to them as glorified dacoits."

"If my YouTube videos and retelling of correct history upsets someone, they are most welcome to reason with me. But don't disrespect a song that has become an anthem for the armed forces. It's not acceptable," he added.