Admission to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is a dream for many students  who are looking to made career in engineering but only a few thousand can get a seat every year. However, engineering institutions offer many short-term certificate courses taught by IIT faculty.

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The point of consolidation is that these courses do not require candidates to appear at the IIT entrance exams i.e.  JEE Advanced. Applicants only need to register by paying fee based on their eligibility and the program of their choice.

Here's the list of some online courses to study at IITs, without JEE Advanced entrance exam:

IIT Bombay Certificate Program in Design Thinking

This is a five-month course aims to help businesses innovate and transform the way they develop their products, services, operations and company strategies. This will be done by looking at and inventing things to be understood from a human point of view, is technically feasible, appeals to customers, and is economically viable. Graduates or diplomas from any stream and one-year work experience are eligible to apply for that course. 

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IIT Kanpur Crash Course in Advanced Excel Techniques 

This online course is designed for students and professionals to learn advanced ways of using Excel worksheets including how to do calculations by entering data and building basic formulas without editing cell contents and converting them. This six-week course is available for Rs 4237 and can be registered on the official website. 

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IIT Roorkee Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

An IIT-Roorkee Online Certificate in Advanced Machine Learning and AI is available at Coursera. The six-month course is available for Rs 112,500 and is completely online. This course aims to teach advanced techniques about machine learning and the skills needed to build in-depth learning models and the use of artificial intelligence. The first collection will start in 2022. 

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IIT Madras Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

This 12-week course conducted by IIT Madras is offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The content of the study includes formalisms and related thinking algorithms. This study is in line with the course "Artificial Intelligence: Search Methods for Problem Solving". Both courses are available through Swayam.

Data Science and Machine Learning at IIT Roorkee

This certification course is designed to equip professionals with skills in areas such as precise algebra, mathematics, gradient calculus, and planning systems. It will help to develop Python's appropriate programming skills, how to use the algorithms used in data analytics, etc. The six-month course is available at Coursera and applications will start from December 7th. 

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IIT Mandi AI/ML Crash Course

This six-day weekend workshop at the Deep Learning Crash Course (ADLCC 2021) is for managers and staff. The workshop will incorporate AI and ML techniques with a lot of hands-on tutorials. Interested candidates can register on the official IIT Mandi website. A group of participants will be selected on the first arrival - the first basis of the supply.