Academy Awards 2021 are on. This year is historical as nine actors of colour have been nominated. Also for the first time, two women have been nominated for best director award. So, while all you film buffs wait to see who makes the cut, here's our little drinking game. But our drinking game comes with rules. 

Here's what you need to do to make your Oscars streaming worth remembering: Drink...

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- Every time Nomadland comes up

- Every time a movie that you haven't seen wins an award 

- Every time the word Diversity is mentioned by the host or in any of the acceptance speeches

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- Every time a person of color takes away the Oscars

- When there is a technical glitch

- Every time when a woman wins the Oscars

- Every time, when the awards cut to commercials

- Every time when music tries to cut off the speech

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- Every time when there is a musical performance

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