On Saturday, the petrol and diesel prices remained constant as the previous day across the country. While in New Delhi, petrol prices remained unchanged at 86.95 Rs/litre, diesel prices were steady at 77.13 Rs/litre. Mumbai also did not saw any change in prices as compare to Friday,. Petrol prices remained at 93.49 Rs/litre and diesel prices is 83.99 Rs/litre.

Petrol and Diesel prices in India are updated daily at 6 am. Fuel prices are affected by change in rupee against US dollar, crude oil's cost, fuel's demand, and others. 

Petrol prices in metro cities: 

Chennai –  89.39 Rs/litre

Mumbai – 93.49 Rs/litre

New Delhi – 86.95 Rs/litre

Kolkata – 88.30 Rs/litre                     


Diesel prices in metro cities:

Chennai – 82.33 Rs/litre

Mumbai – 83.99 Rs/litre

New Delhi – 77.13 Rs/litre

Kolkata – 80.71 Rs/litre

Friday recorded a sudden hike in the petrol and diesel prices.

Petrol and diesel prices have increased since January 6, 2021 after staying constant for approx a month. Fuel prices have also seen a surge with the beginning of COVID-19 inoculation drives.          

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