The Pink moon will be the first supermoon of 2021 and it will be visible on Monday, April 26 at 11:32 pm EDT. A supermoon appears when the full moon is closest to the Earth while orbiting. The April full moon is just one of few supermoons that will grace the skies this year. 

Though, the moon is called 'Pink moon', its colour might not be similar. According to ancient culture, the name reflects the changing seasons and nature. As the astronomical event comes at the time of blossoming of moss pink- a wildflower, the name has been given as 'Pink moon'.

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The super 'Pink moon' will be visible everywhere around the world on April 26 and 27. The moon could be best seen in the United States on the night of April 26, while Indians can also have a glance at the celestial event on April 27 evening. 

The super moon will also look bigger than the usual full moon. It will be 6% larger than the average full moon and 14% bigger than some full moons, as per Forbes. There will be a total of four supermoons visible this year, the next such moon 'Super Flower Moon' will be visible in May. 

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So, the Pink moon brings a great opportunity for all the astronomy freaks to have a calming glance at the skies. it will be a great time to go to your balcony or terrace and have your time with the moons and stars.