Most spelling mistakes and typo errors change the entire meaning of the sentence and give a new meaning to it, which is funny sometimes. A similar thing happened to a bakery shop, the message meant to ask its customers to use “tongs” to pick pastries spread out on its front counter but accidentally asked them to use their “tongues.” The photograph of the message was shared on Reddit and a storm of a funny meme has been brewing since then.

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Many Reddit users come up with their interpretation of the well-intentioned but wrongly crafted message. One of the comments read, “I think it's supposed to be ‘please use tongues to lick pastries thx' no idea what they were licking them with before but I for one am quite concerned,” while another user wrote, “I want that pastry over there. The one with the red sprinkles'. There you go. I picked a pastry with my tongue.”

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Since then people have shared pictures of cringeworthy spelling errors they’ve noticed, it includes unfortunate errors on signs and several advertisements. Check out some of the funniest spelling mistakes here:

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