Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday referred to a recent viral video to hit out at the Congress in poll-bound Puducherry. The video purportedly showed a woman complaining to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Tamil. But then Chief Minister V Narayanasamy is heard twisting the translation to make the complaint sound like a compliment.

"A few days ago the entire nation saw a video. A helpless woman was complaining about the Puducherry government and CM's neglect during cyclones and floods. One could see the pain in her eyes. One could hear the pain in her voice," the Prime Minister said at a rally in Puducherry.

"Instead of telling the truth to the nation, the former Puducherry CM gave a wrong translation of the woman’s words. He lied to the people and his own leader. Can a party whose culture is based on lies ever serve people?" the PM said in the Union Territory that is scheduled to go to polls in April-May.

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Reacting to the viral video in which he is seen wrongly translating a fisherwoman's grievance to Rahul Gandhi during his programme at Solainagar fishing village, Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy said it was a deliberate attempt by the BJP to tarnish his image and lower the dignity of his government.

The viral video, which  was shot on February 17 during Gandhi's visit to Solainagar fishing village, shows the woman complaining about the government's negligence in the aftermath of cyclone Nivar.

Translated literally, this is what she said: "....No one is supporting us and the sea has been like this. Take the CM for instance...did he visit us even once during the Cyclone? (Nivar)"

Narayanaswamy then translated this to: "After cyclone Nivar, I visited the area and provided them relief, she is saying that only." Later the former chief minister clarified that the woman was not audible and since he had visited the area before and after cyclone Nivar, he informed Rahul Gandhi accordingly.  

A few days after Gandhi's visit, the Narayanasamy government lost a trust vote in the Puducherry assembly on February 22. This followed three MLAs quitting the ruling Congress-DMK coalition.