Pratik Sehajpal became the first contestant to be confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 15 after he bid adieu to his Bigg Boss OTT journey by choosing to take the suitcase and bagging the Bigg Boss 15 ticket. 

Divya Agarwal, Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal were fighting to take home the Bigg Bigg OTT trophy.

However, in the finale, host Karan Johar came with a lucrative offer wherein the finalists were offered a bag full of money along with the ticket to Bigg Boss 15.

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The top five were given a choice to quit the Bigg Boss OTT race and take the bag, which would give them a direct entry to Bigg Boss 15. Pratik Sehajpal took the offer and was out of the Bigg Boss OTT race.

Several of Pratik's fans extended their support to him on social media. 

"SMART move from the most passionate contestant of Bigg Boss OTT. Now he will rock Bigg Boss OTT best wishes for Pratik Sehajpal," one person commented. 

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"It’s a good decision by Pratik Sehajpal taking the briefcase and getting direct entry to Bigg Boss 15!! You never know who could win, it’s a risk!! and BB15 is a much better and bigger platform than Bigg Boss OTT. he’s made the RIGHT decision," another person wrote. 

"For all those people mad at Pratik’s decision…please take a moment and imagine urself in his shoes. Wouldn’t u want to enter the main season and share stage with Salman Khan? And be on ColorsTV? It was very smart decision," commented another user.

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Pratik Sehajpal was one of the strongest contestants on Bigg Boss OTT. He managed to win hearts with his stint, thanks to his passion and charm.