President Donald Trump on Sunday promised “good news” on COVID relief bill, which he had earlier rejected as a “disgrace”.

Trump gave many a hope of concessions in the proposed bill, as millions of unemployed and pandemic-weary Americans face eviction with the expiry of the previous package announced in March, which saw them through the rough period.

“Good news on Covid Relief Bill. Information to follow!” Trump said in a tweet, without revealing anymore on the nature of the “news” or any specific timeframe for its revelation.

Trump had last week shot down the $900 billion bill calling it “wasteful” and as containing “unnecessary items” which had “nothing to do with Covid”.

He had called for tripling of $600 stimulus check going to each qualified American-- as provisioned in the original bill-- or $4000 to a couple.

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The bill, which was passed with a comfortable majority in the Congress, will now again need to be passed with two-thirds majority in both the chambers, to override the veto.

Two federal unemployment benefit programs approved in March as part of an initial Covid relief plan expired at midnight on Saturday, cutting off an estimated 12 million Americans, according to The Century Foundation think tank, AFP reported.

The delay also threatened to provoke a government shutdown by Tuesday since the relief package is part of a larger spending bill, though lawmakers could approve another temporary extension to keep the government open, it wrote.