Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that parents should not try to impose values on children and instead inspire the right values. In a word of advice for students, PM Modi also said that children must focus more on subjects they find difficult and then move on to easier topics.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the second edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ with school students ahead of Class 10 and 12 board exams scheduled in April-May.

Here are some highlights from his address:

1. The Prime Minister kickstarted the annual programme talking about COVID-19 induced time, saying that it amounted to a personal loss for him. He also said that the pandemic has helped us understand each other more closely in our families. "Corona forced social distancing, but it has also strengthened emotional bonding in families," he said.

2. "We need not pressure ourselves. Examinations are not the last step in our lives", the PM said, highlighting further that parents needed to engage with their children in a better manner to assess them.

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3. "An atmosphere has been created around you that exams are everything. Sometimes schools, parents, relatives create atmosphere that you've to undergo a big event, huge crisis," he said.

4. Answering questions from two students - one from Andhra Pradesh and the other from Malaysia - Modi said that there was no need to put unnecessary pressure on oneself.

5. The Prime Minister urged parents to not impose values on children but inspire them.

6. He also gave an important lesson on girl-boy equality. "We have been taught that boys and girls are the same. We give equal importance to godessess as our gods. But in our households, we inadvertantly treat our boys and girls differently. When such a boy enters society, he will promote the same values," he said.

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7. The Prime Minister said that the first part to motivate anyone is training. "Once the mind of the child is trained, then motivation will begin," PM Modis said.

8. "Parents often set a goal, make a parameter. They then put the burden of realising those dreams and goals on their children. They start considering children as instruments and when they fail to pull them in that direction, they say that children lack motivation and inspiration," he said.

9. PM Modi said that instead of trying to memorise coursework, students should stay connected with the moment while studying to naturally remember things. "Instead of forcing yourself to learn things, try and live the moment. You would remember very well any fight with your sibling, every little detail from that incident, because you were fully involved in the moment. So stay connected and fully involved with your studies."

10. The Prime Minister said that studies itself is not a measure of success in life. "What you study cannot be the only measure of success, failure in your life. What you do in life will determine your success and failure."