Filmmaker Kuldip Ruhil is elated with the way his directorial documentary-drama ‘Cheer Haran' has been applauded by the audience and the critics both. The film that depicts the complete story of Jat Reservation protests and the less known aftermaths has been appreciated for bringing this sensitive issue with utmost perfection on the big screen. However, personally, Ruhil is not happy with the way the farmers image is being tarnished in the ongoing farmers' protests.

For him, there is nothing wrong to stand against a law that people think won’t help them much.

“There are some issues in the laws that are quite unreasonable and I feel that whenever somebody feels that there is something wrong happening with him or her, they take the route of a protest. From Mahatma Gandhi till Anna Hazare, everyone chose this path so I think protests are very healthy for any country in the world if they are peaceful and people are ready to talk," he told Opoyi.

“I think with the way the ongoing farmers’ protest is being treated, it’s not just one state but the image of the entire country is at stake especially when you don’t allow the peaceful protest to happen,” he added.

'Cheer Haran', that has been released on January 29, is an attempt to peep into the psyche of Haryana in the aftermath of Jaat Reservation Agitation 2016. It’s an attempt to decipher the two words Jaat & Reservation and understand why the agitation, all of a sudden, turned horribly violent. Whether the brutality that occurred could have been averted?

Talking about if he too felt that there will be some kind of controversy on his film like the way most of the sensitive subjects are treated nowadays, he shared learning of his father.

“There is this small story from my childhood. My father used to tell me in hindi, ‘bête agar koi jhagda ho raha ho aur aapke maare na toh uth kar ghar mat aana’ (Son, if you get hit by somebody during a fight, don't come back home crying) . I think, what he wanted to say is that if someone tries to bully you, don’t let them do that because once you let them bully you they will do that with you throughout life,” he said.

“People are trying to bully in the name of religion but you should not let that happen,” he said.