Shortly after the results were announced for civic polls in Punjab, Congress state chief Sunil Jakhar on Wednesday said people had voted for his party's development agenda, as he rooted for a second term for Chief Minister Amarinder Singh following the assembly elections in 2022. The ruling Congress won six municipal corporations and emerged as the largest party in the seventh, sweeping the urban body polls in Punjab, reported PTI.

Singh too hailed the Congress' victory in the state municipal polls. "The people of the state have clearly and unequivocally denounced the divisive, undemocratic, unconstitutional and regressive agendas of the three parties," Singh said.

Meanwhile, Jakhar told media, “I would like to launch a campaign 'Captain for 2022'. Only he can steer the ship of the state through these turbulent times when Punjab is being discriminated against by the BJP-led Centre."

He added that people had rejected Opposition's "negative politics" in the election.

“People have given their fatwa and reposed their faith in the leadership of Amarinder Singh. The message is loud and clear. The credit of this victory goes to the people of Punjab and the able leadership of Chief Minister Amarinder Singh," he said.

For BJP, the defeat comes amid farmers' agitation against Centre's three contentious farm laws. 

Jakhar alleged that the BJP had made attempts to “divide” Punjab on urban-rural lines but people rejected its “agenda”.

The Congress leader also alleged that for the BJP, farmers are only a vote bank.

“They never saw Punjab as Punjab, but only as a vote bank,” he said.

Speaking about AAP, Jakhar said the party only runs its agenda on social media and does not have any real connection with the public. 

Replying to a question, Jakhar said, “Our principal opposition is negative thinking, the main character of that is BJP”.

Speaking about the AAP, Jakhar claimed the party was active only on social media and it did not have real connect on the ground.

“SAD and AAP also did not touch the issue of steep price rise including that of petrol and diesel,” he told reporters.