After a recent fight, Shamita Shetty and her connection Raqesh Bapat resolved their differences by talking about their personal lives in the garden area of the Bigg Boss OTT house. Raqesh and Shamita are going strong as a connection. The audience is loving their partnership, that they saved Raqesh and Shamita from nominations this week.

Raqesh shared about the problems he went through in his life with Shamita. He also discussed his divorce with actress Ridhi Dogra. Raqesh told Shamita that his father’s death had a huge impact on him.

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According to the Hindustan Times, Raqesh said that he developed anxiety issues where could not sleep for two weeks straight. “I was on the verge of breaking,” he said.

Raqesh and Shamita have become inseparable from each other. Raqesh in a recent episode woke Shamita up with a morning kiss on her hand.

Raqesh was also heard saying that a connection between him and Shamita was being developed. They both are at a level where there’s a mature understanding between them. “ I feel a sense of belonging with you,” he told Shamita.

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Raqesh and Shamita formed their connection at the launch of the show. They did not change their partners when Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to all contestants to switch their connections.

Raqesh had an emotional outbreak when Pratik Sehajpal called him ‘spineless’. At that time Raqesh said that as a son of an army officer he would never stand up for something that’s not right.

Shamita was involved in a fight with Akshara Singh, where the latter questioned Shamita’s mentality.