US President Joe Biden, during his address on Wednesday about the withdrawal of United States troops from the conflict plagued country of Afghanistan, made promises that put multiple humanitarian concerns to rest. Biden vowed that the US will continue to protect the rights of women in Afghanistan, even after the military presence will be retracted. 

He said, "We'll continue to support the rights of Afghan women and girls by maintaining significant humanitarian and development assistance", reported CNN. 

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Biden further affirmed that the US will be reaching out to the stakeholders, in a diplomatic manner, to garner humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan. These stakeholders include China, India, Russia and Turkey.

The address made by the President also had highlights which are likely to be of substantial importance to the future of Afghanistan after the US exits the country exactly two decades after the deadliest attacks conducted on US soil on September 11, 2001.

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Biden revealed that he consulted former US President George W. Bush, who gave the orders to initially deploy the armed forces of the US in Afghanistan. Biden spoke about the mutual "respect and support to the valor, courage and integrity of the women and men of the United States armed forces who have served", reported CNN.

Even though the armed alliance of NATO, of which the US is a part of, also announced the retraction of their military presence along with the US, Biden affirmed that the "terrorist threats" in Afghanistan and all around the world will not be taken lightly and that the US will not take its eye off them.