Celebrated Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar on Monday called for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to revisit the idea of 'Umpires' Call', after India was disadvantaged by the decision-making method in the third day of the ongoing Test Match against Australia, PTI reported.

The system is usually used after a review for LBW has been requested. In the event of the on-field umpire ruling a "not-out", the TV umpire effectively has no power to overrule the decision even if the ball is shown to be hitting the stumps.  The review for the bowling team, however, remains intact and is possibly the only consolation for them.

"The reason players opt for a review is because they're unhappy with the decision taken by the on-field umpire. The DRS system needs to be thoroughly looked into by the @ICC, especially for the 'Umpires Call'," PTI quoted Tendulkar as saying.

The Master Blaster further explained his line of thought, saying that once the decision has gone upstairs to the third umpire, "the on-field umpire's decision should not come into the picture at all".

Australian batsman Marcus Labuschagne and Joe Burns survived LBW appeals made by the Indian team even after the ball was clearly shown to hit the stumps during the third day of the second Test match at Melbourne. 

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World-renowned spinner, Shane Warne, also brought out the flawed concept of "Umpire's call" and said he could never understand it. In an earlier interview with PTI, he had said it was not possible for a ruling to be both "out and not out" at the same time.