The first group of stills depicts Gongjin's whole community assembled for an assembly. The townspeople's curious stares at Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Shik create an odd tension in the cheerful environment. Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Shik, on the other hand, emit entirely distinct vibes. Yoon Hye Jin appears apprehensive and determined, as if she is about to enter a lion's lair, while Hong Doo Shik smiles brightly at her.

The production team explained, “You’ll be able to enjoy it even more if you focus on the emotional changes and psyches of the characters at the neighborhood meeting.”

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The Lighthouse Singing Contest, Gongjin's main event, is depicted in another collection of stills. The tournament and festival take place on a far larger scale than the little gatherings shown in the play, and the residents of Gongjin look to be having a fantastic time as they watch the stages develop.

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While everyone is having a good time, Hong Doo Shik is working as a staff member who is in charge of the event. Viewers were ecstatic to learn that the two had exchanged a kiss on the night they drank wine together in the previous episode. When Yoon Hye Jin finally realised what had transpired, Hong Doo Shik informed her that nothing had happened, putting a stop to their relationship.

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The drama’s producers revealed that the scene was difficult to film due to the rainy weather and required lots of staff on set. “We took preventative measures for COVID-19 and filmed safely thanks to the help of the city and the citizens. I hope you will feel and enjoy the festive atmosphere through the broadcast.”