Country singer Morgan Wallen’s record contract with WME has been suspended indefinitely after a video circulated online showing him using a racial slur, reports Hollywood 

In the video, that was first released by TMZ first, Wallen is standing outside a home in Nashville, Tennessee, and yelling profanities and a racial slur. He later released a statement in which he apologized for the incident but seems it was too late.

Following the video's release, the singer's recording contract with Big Loud Records was suspended indefinitely on Wednesday. Shortly after, CMT announced that it was removing the singer's appearances from its platforms. Then in a statement shared on Twitter, the Academy of Country Music Awards announced that it would halt Wallen's "potential involvement and eligibility for this year's 56th Academy of Country Music Awards cycle”, reports Hollywood

The removal of Wallen as a client on Thursday comes in the wake of the country singer facing consequences after a video circulated online showing Wallen using a racial slur.

Wallen's ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ that was released on January 8 release by Big Loud Records in partnership with Republic Records, spent its third week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.