United Kingdom's Department of Health and Social Care, in a statement, said that women quarantining in the UK hotels will given female quards after allegations of sexual harassment came to light. This change was made when several women approached the BBC and told them about stories of sexual harassments.

However, female guards will be given only when possible. In case when there are no female guards available, the quarantining women should be escorted by two male guards. The DHSC put it as: "with each guard chaperoning the other to ensure appropriate behaviour."

As per a BBC report, one victim said that a male guard had gesticulated the action of sex toward her in a lift, while another had asked for a hug.

To date, 16 women have reported the harassment to the BBC and some say complaints have been ignored or disbelieved.

One of the victims, Sarah, a 23-year-old medical student from Manchester, was critical of the suggestion of providing two male guards.

"Personally I would find two male guards more intimidating than just one lone guard. A group of male guards were talking about me when they clearly saw one male guard was being inappropriate with me. I don't think it ensures the safety of women, rather it increases possible risk," Sarah was quoted as saying by the BBC.

The DHSC also said that all the guards will now be given additional training on how to behave with vulnerable guests..."with more focused attention on the needs of lone female guests."

The DHSC further added that there is now a dedicated complaints team for quarantine hotels.

Rules of hotel quarantine

-Travellers arriving from countries on the UK's red list are to quarantine for 10 full days in designated hotels.

-The cost of quarantine - £1,750 for a single adult - includes COVID tests on the second and the eighth day.

-Guests are required to stay in their room all the time except when they are escorted by guards for exercise.