The day is finally here when the fans of Coldplay and BTS will get to see their new single called “My Universe” at midnight EDT on September 24. Ahead of the song’s release, Coldplay and BTS have shared multiple teasers about “My Universe.”

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On September 23, Coldplay tweeted out an image with multicolored writing on it. It turns out the writing on the graphic is the lyrics of “My Universe.”

Some of the lyrics included on the graphic are:

“You are my Universe / And I just want to put you first”

“And they said that we can’t be together / Because / Because we come from different sides”

“You, you are / My Universe / And I, Just want to put you first/ And you, you are / My Universe / And you make my world light up inside”

“In the night I lie and look up at you / When the morning comes I watch you rise / There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture / That bright inside your eyes”

My Universe (do do, do do) / My Universe (do do, do do) / My Universe (do do, do do) / (You make my world) / You make my world light up inside / (Make my world light up inside)"

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The image Coldplay tweeted also shows five different sets of the song’s Korean lyrics. Some of those lyrics are intermixed with the English phrases, “Never ending forever baby,” “When I’m without you I’m crazy,” and “We are made of each other baby", reports showizcheatsheet.

On September 13, Coldplay originally announced Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS were collaborating on “My Universe” . The band published more information about the single on their official website. The announcement on Coldplay’s website reveals that both Coldplay and BTS participated in writing the song, and “My Universe” features lyrics in Korean and English.

‘My Universe’ will have a music video and documentary

On September 22, Parlophone Records, Coldplay’s record label, shared a release schedule for “My Universe” on Twitter.

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According to the tweet,  while the  lyric video for the song was out on September 24, a documentary called Inside My Universe will release on September 26 at 8 a.m. EDT.

The song will also have two remixes, “Supernova 7 Mix” and “Acoustic Version.” Both remixes will drop at 7 p.m. EDT on September 26.