Spearow is a Normal and Flying-type of Pokemon and was originally found in the Kanto region. It was introduced in the I Generation. Spearow is weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon and strong against Ghost, Ground, Bug, and Grass-type Pokemon.

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Spearow is an avian species of Pokemon characterized by its short stature, brown body, and pale red wings. Its underbelly is beige while possessing a dark brown plumage on its head. Spearow's rear is black and its tail feathers are a shade of brown. Like all birds, it is equipped with talons used for manipulating objects or self-defense. They are noted for being frail, for which they make up for with their "Mirror Move" ability. Eggs laid by Spearow are known to be prey for hungry Ekans, which are known to be able to swallow them whole. Spearow prey on insects, and sometimes Sunkern, in grassy areas by flushing them out with their stubby wings, and plucking at them with their beaks. Spearow is very territorial, constantly buzzing about and calling with a loud cry that can be heard from half a mile away. This cry serves to scare away predators and to keep in touch with other Spearow, though the latter is reserved as an alarm to its kind.

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Spearow has a max Combat Power (CP) of 902 and evolves into Fearow which costs 50 candy. The best moves of Spearow are Peck and Sky Attack.

Spearow quick stats:

Base stats

Max CP: 902

Attack: 112

Defense: 60

HP: 120


Spearow is boosted by Cloudy and Windy weather. It is a strong Normal and Flying-type Pokemon.


Spearow is vulnerable to Electric, Ice, and Rock-type moves.

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Spearow evolves into Fearow


Spearow best moves are Peck and Sky Attack.