The Yankees have designated veteran outfielder Aaron Hicks for assignment, as the team opened a roster spot for Greg Allen.

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On his seven-year, $70 million contract, which he signed before the 2019 season, Hicks still has two and a half years to go.

The timing was more shocking than the action. Prior to the Yankees’ decision to DFA him, Hicks had a seven-game average of.353, which was a career-high. But in the end, this choice was made due to his long history of injuries and poor performance ever since he signed his contract.

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This season, Hicks played in 28 games and hit.188 with a.524 OPS. Over the previous week and a half, the switch hitter had started to come around, batting with a 1.097 OPS.

Hicks was receiving hugs from his teammates as the Yankees clubhouse at Great American Ball Park opened on Saturday. He had his bags packed at his locker.

“It is what it is,” Hicks told The Post. “It’s part of the business side of it. Just got to move on to the next chapter. 

“This is a very good baseball team,” he added. “It kind of seemed like it wasn’t working out for me. Obviously with the decision they decided to make, maybe somewhere else might be a little bit better.”

The news drew a major reaction from fans of Hicks and the Yankees who thanked the player for his contribution. One fan wrote, “One of the best center fielders in Yankee history.. Thank you Aaron Hicks.” While another wrote, “Aaron Hicks appreciation thread, I’ll start.”

However, there were some who were happy hearing the news. One such person said, “Two great things in Yankees history have happened in Cincinnati. 1. Derek Jeter named captain. 2. Aaron Hicks DFA.”