Jalen Ramsey, an All-Pro cornerback, was allegedly traded by the Los Angeles Rams to Miami Dolphins on Sunday. In light of the shock deal between the Dolphins and the Rams for the perennial Pro Bowler, let us look at some similar expected NFL trades that may surprise us:

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1. Jimmy Garoppolo to the Buccaneers:

The Panthers, Raiders, and Texans are allegedly all interested in acquiring Garoppolo for their rosters, according to several sources recently.

The Buccaneers clearly need a quarterback, but they don’t have a top-10 draft pick, as opposed to the other three teams mentioned above. Hence, if they want to add a quarterback, they will probably have to do so through free agency, which is why Garoppolo may make perfect sense.

2. Sean Payton to the Chargers: 

Since Sean Payton is still under contract with the New Orleans Saints, the franchise would be compelled to transfer him if he accepted a job offer elsewhere. According to reports, Payton has already been approached by the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and Arizona Cardinals for an official interview.

With Chargers head coach Brandon Staley’s problematic decisions over the last two years and his latest roster management mistakes, he is ought to be on the outs if Payton chooses to take over as Chargers’ head coach.

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3. DeAndre Hopkins to the Chiefs:

The Cardinals are considering trading wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, as per Jordan Schultz of The Score, and he will “likely seek a new deal.” Hopkins also recently shared a picture of himself on social media with the message “forever grateful,” which would indicate that he plans to play somewhere else in the coming season.

Statistically, the Chiefs’ offense will become even more terrifying with the addition of Hopkins. According to fans, we could merely gift the Chiefs the Lombardi Trophy if they managed to acquire the Cardinals receiver who is up for trade in Arizona.

4. Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets:

The Green Bay Packers and New York Jets have been working on a potential trade for Aaron Rodgers while he is still keeping everyone guessing about whether he would like to continue playing or not.

Despite the fact that Rodgers is still under Green Bay’s contract, the Jets have been given permission to talk with the 39-year-old. Several reports claim that a contract between the Packers and Jets is “essentially done,” and both parties are awaiting Rodgers’ decision on whether or not he will play in 2023.

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5. Ryan Tannehill to the Falcons:

Ryan Tannehill of the Titans may not be immune from a potential transfer in an offseason that is sure to be full of quarterback controversy and movement.

After joining Tennessee for the 2019 season, Tannehill, 34, has enjoyed some of his greatest years professionally. Ryan has one more year left on his contract before it expires in 2024 as he approaches the age-35 term.

For a draft choice in the middle rounds, the Falcons would likely be able to acquire an aging Tannehill. They may therefore upgrade at quarterback while still selecting a top quarterback prospect with their eighth overall pick.