The Super Bowl spectacle generally includes a lot of commercials, and Sunday was no exception.

The Farmer’s Dog, numerous actors who made cameo appearances, and the typical Doritos and beer commercials were all there. However, one of the most shocking and chaotic advertisements came from Tubi. After airing the Super Bowl commercial that prompted every single audience member to scramble for their remote, the American OTT platform Tubi sparked hilarious memes online.

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What was the Tubi Super Bowl commercial?

Fox-owned streaming service Tubi ran a 15-second commercial on Sunday night during the Super Bowl that sparked uproar among viewers.

In the advertisement, Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt, the game’s commentators, appeared to rejoin from a commercial break, but someone with the remote starts clicking and switching the channel away from the game to Tubi. The person then clicks on the 2005 film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” which causes the Tubi logo to emerge.

The streaming service posted the same video on its YouTube account with the caption: “No, you didn’t sit on the remote. But on Super Bowl Sunday, we fooled audiences into thinking they did.”

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Twitter reactions to the Tubi commercial:

“That Tubi commercial came on & I yelled at every single person in this room,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Commercial of the year goes to @Tubi,” another user said.

One Twitterati even went on to say: “Tubi should be SUED for that commercial.”

Here are some more reactions from the Twitter community about the controversial Tubi Super Bowl commercial:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming platform’s Super Bowl commercial was titled “Interface Interruption.”

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The purpose of the prank advertising was described by Tubi’s Chief Marketing Officer Nicole Parlapiano in an interview with AdWeek. “We can’t be forgettable in this moment,” she said. “It’s our coming out. I want to shock, and I want to surprise, and I want to get attention.”