Antony was given a yellow card for his hard challenge on Alexis Mac Allister during Thursday’s Manchester United vs Brighton game at the Falmer Stadium. The forward then got into a fight with Lewis Dunk.

Brighton won 1-0 after Mac Allister smashed an overtime penalty. They climbed up to the sixth rung of the Premier League table. United are fourth.

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With the score 0-0, Antony, in the 70th minute, fouled Mac Allister. The Argentine World Cup-winner was brought down and many fans thought that the Brazilian will be given a red card.

However, he was let go with a yellow. Dunk confronted Antony after the foul. The two players clashed chests and were booked.


“He decides to take out his frustration with a swing, stupid. If it was higher it would have been a red,” Alan Smith said on Sky Sports, describing Antony as a ‘silly boy’.

“This ref has to be paid he didn’t give casemiro a red twice ans now antony can play WWE on the pitch and no red…” a Twitter user said.

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“Wait, Antony just commited two yellow card offences in the same phase of play but the ref just gave the one card? But when Gabriel Martinelli done it, the ref gave him two yellows and a red? I still maintain Arsenal are refereed different to every other team,” another one added.

“I switch the United game on 5 minutes ago and I’ve seen 2 red cards waved away for Casemiro and Antony and a Brighton penalty waved away… Somethings never change,” a Twitter user commented.

Luke Shaw of United conceded the decisive penalty.

“It hurts, it hurts a lot. Last minute, last action, I got a little nudge but of course the hand shouldn’t be there. It cost us the game and it’s tough. I can’t explain why my hand’s up there, but I’m not looking for excuses and I can’t change that. The hand’s up and it’s a silly mistake that cost us a point,” the defender said after the game.