The Miami Dolphins are trading in All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey in a shuffle with the Los Angeles Rams, reported The Associated Press on Sunday.

Now a major question for the Rams is whether their offensive problems can be fixed by a healthier roster or whether they need a rebuild to get back to the energy that won the Super Bowl less than a year ago.

LA Rams general manager, Les Snead used multiple times in a news conference on Thursday “remodel” to refer to making changes to the roster. “Remodel is a more accurate description than rebuild,” Snead said, because “of the way, our roster is built right now.”

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“We would almost have to somewhat tear it down to rebuild. Because we do have a lot of really good players in their prime on this roster,”  the manager said.

Some changes have already started in the Rams for the 2023 season. Coach Sean McVay has moved on from several members of his coaching staff, although most were on the defensive line of the ball. Offensive side coach Kevin Carberry will not return, reported ESPN’s Field Yates.

LA Rams defensive coordinator, Raheem Morris is looking for outside head-coaching jobs and offensive coordinator Liam Coen left after the season.

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Matthew Stafford, 35, Rams quarterback missed a chunk of the 2022 season after suffering a spinal cord injury. He is expected to be back and fit to play in 2023. 

If the LA Rams’ starting lineup can stay strong next season, Snead said, the idea is that, just like in the history, it can “use those Day 3 picks as relatively competent depth players that come in to partner with those starters when necessary.”

“We didn’t meet our standards,” the manager said. “We’re definitely aware of that. It is our reality. And that’s where we stand today.”