Kyle Walker, in an alleged CCTV footage first published by The Sun, was seen flashing at a Manchester bar. The City defender is likely to face a police investigation for the incident.

Walker was drinking with his friends in a Manchester bar on Sunday after Pep Guardiola and co beat Newcastle 2-0, The Sun reported. The publication posted a video of the defender dropping his pants in front of two women before engaging in a conversation.

Manchester City is yet to make an official statement on the incident. However, Greater Manchester police could take action if the video footage is sent to them.

The Premier League can also suspend Kyle Walker. Players are employees of their clubs and work under contracts. This means the clubs and the league can take disciplinary actions if needed or even terminate their contract.

“The standard employment contract provides that clubs may terminate a player’s employment if the club reasonably considers that they are guilty of gross misconduct, which includes a breach of or failure to comply with the terms of their contract.”

Many players including Mason Greenwood and Kurt Zouma have faced suspensions for their off-field actions.

The Sun report said Walker “spent 90 minutes downing drinks and dirty dancing with the female friends”. It added that he was “pawing at one of his friends’ breasts” and kissing her. The woman, as per the website, is not his wife Annie.

Manager Pep Guardiola had punished players who have been spotted out drinking in 2021. However, in Walker’s case, The GOAL reported that City might not take any action as the 32-year-old was on a personal night out when the team was given two days off. The defender reported to training on time on Tuesday.