With the UEFA Champions League being Europe’s greatest club honour, the prize money for the winner of the final fixture will be nothing less than extraordinary. 

The 2022 Champions League final will witness Liverpool and Real Madrid, the two top flight teams, lock horns for a whopping amount that has slightly been reduced compared to last year’s edition, due to the impact of the pandemic. 

The finalists are well aware that they could double their knockout round prize money, if they bag the title.

While the quarterfinalists walked out with $12 million of additional prize money, the winner of the final will have an extra $23 million in their bag.

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Teams who play in the tournament gain money as they progress through the competition. The teams start off with a baseline prize package that piles on more money as they pass the knockout rounds. 

This year, the finalists of the tournament will each get a sum of $17.59 million. When the fixture concludes, the Champions League winner will pick up an additional amount of $5.1 million as it gets a seat in August’s UEFA Super Cup.

While the winner will receive $22.69 million, the runner-up will settle for $17.59 million, according to Sporting News. 

Meanwhile, for reaching the group stage, 32 teams took home a minimum amount of $17.74 million each, which increased with every win and draw. 

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Champions League finalist Liverpool reign over the top of the prize money list, thanks to their six wins in the matches and their entry into the Champions League final.

The club raked in about $92 million of prize money by simply making it to the final. This amount could transform into almost $97 million if the Reds walk home with European Cup in hand.