Christian Eriksen, who has been out of action since collapsing mid-game at Euro 2020, said he dreams of playing for Denmark in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The 29-year-old Eriksen, who is out of contract with Inter Milan, has resumed some training in recent weeks. 

Speaking in his first TV interview since suffering a cardiac arrest, Eriksen said,” My goal is to play in the World Cup in Qatar. I want to play. That’s been my mindset all along. It’s a goal, a dream.”

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The former Inter Milan midfielder, in an interview with Danish TV, said that he is getting back to fitness. 

“Whether I’ll be picked is another thing, but it’s my dream to come back. I’m sure I can come back because I don’t feel any different. Physically, I’m back in top shape. That’s been my goal and it’s still some time away. Until then, I’m just going to play football and prove that I’m back at the same level,” Eriksen said. 

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The midfielder had to be fitted with a defibrillator. Now a free agent, the midfielder says he is back to full fitness and wants to prove to his national team that he still has what it takes to line up for his country.

“[The national team is] very important. I want to play on the national team in the World Cup. My dream is to rejoin the national team, play at Parken again and prove that it was a one-timer and that it won’t happen again. I want to prove I’ve moved on and that I can play on the national team again. Again, it’s up to the manager to assess my level, but my heart is not an obstacle.”

Christian Eriksen also thanked his fans for supporting him since Euro 2020. 

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“It was amazing that so many people felt the need to write or send flowers,” he said. “It had an impact on so many people and they felt a need to let me and my family know. That makes me very happy.”

“At the hospital, they kept saying I’d received more and more flowers. It was weird, because I didn’t expect people to send flowers – because I’d died for five minutes. It was quite extraordinary, but it was very nice of everyone and it’s been a big help to me to receive all those best wishes,” he said. 

Eriksen added that he thanked the doctors, teammates and their families in person. 

“And people still write to me. I’ve thanked people I’ve met in person. I’ve thanked the doctors, my team-mates and their families in person. But all the fans who’ve sent thousands of letters and emails and flowers – or who’ve come up to me on the street in both Italy and Denmark – I thank them all for the support I got from all over the world that helped me through this.”