Zac Taylor, head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, was left furious on the sideline after the referees handed the Kansas City Chiefs a repeat third down try in the AFC title game on Sunday. The two sides locked horns at Arrowhead Stadium.

“We had the ball then they had it on 3rd down???? Shm wtf was that? That was literally the stupidest calling I’ve ever seen,” a Twitter user wrote.

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“Zac Taylor got here by being aggressive. Can’t hate an aggressive timeout after that first down but it risked setting Mahomes up like this,” Gregg Rosenthal tweeted.

“Zac Taylor is better than me. That’s why I couldn’t be a coach. That damn headset cord would of been around that refs neck and we would of been in the middle of the field…wouldn’t been no damn play run until we got that shit straight. 🤣,” another one added.

“Zac Taylor should have pulled out the camera like @patbev21 #AFCChampionshipGame,” a third one tweeted.

“That’s the right call , but after this game Zac Taylor is going to throw up 🤮 while losing his mind,” journalist Dan Leach tweeted.

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One user, seemingly a Kansas City Chiefs fan, tweeted in rant-like fashion: “So many things wrong with this game. Terrible officiating: Extra down, no roughing the passer, no KC PI. Tony Romo clearly wants KC to win. Literally talking about what KC needs to do all game. Bullshit game, Mahomes isn’t Jesus Christ, Free Zac Taylor.”

While another one said: “What is stopping Zac Taylor from going to the podium and saying “listen fine me all you want this game was officiated terribly and you all watched it happen” He should just go ham on the league.”