As the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots face off with the start of Week 13 of the NFL season, some users on Twitter complained about the poor coverage and bad quality.

Thursday’s match is the first meeting between the two AFC East teams this season. The game, like all TNF games this year, is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Several viewers complained of the quality. 

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“The NFL should re-evaluate the streaming contract with ‘technology company’ Amazon until technology company possesses the technology to adequately stream quality football content to the masses,” one user wrote.

“TNF games look like crap every week. No, it’s NOT my ISP,” another said.

The NFL and Amazon signed an agreement this year that runs through 2033 and could be worth over $100 billion, CNBC reported. 

“Why is the broadcast for this game so lifeless? Do better,” a third user asked, while another said: “Nfl on Amazon prime is hard to watch. Audio isn’t great, always buggy every week. Thought it’d be a better production than this.”

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During the TNF game on November 18, users complained that they could not stream the Green Bay Packers vs Tennessee Titans game properly. Some said that the stream buffered. Many said the quality was bad and the video was pixelated. 

“The picture quality is absolutely terrible can’t believe NFL allows this it’s almost not watchable fix it…” a viewer tweeted. 

“NFL,Please stop the prime video live sports games. We lose sound or freeze up every 15 secs. ( YES,first world problem). Sincerely, AMERICA,” another one said on Twitter.