Dallas Cowboys have lost to Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football by 28-16 after winning back-to-back matches.

Dallas Cowboys’ supremacy was on display for the previous two weeks, but in Week 3 their trend took a surprising turn. The Cowboys lost to the previously winless Arizona Cardinals 28-16, exposing them to the harsh reality of the NFL despite their promising start to the year.

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Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott after the match said, “Y’all put us on top of the world. We knew who we are. In that same sense, I’m sure the media got what it wanted. For us, there hadn’t been but one undefeated team. It sucks, it’s humbling, but to say it’s a wake-up call, we knew we had a lot of adversity and we just didn’t get it done. It just goes back to myself, the offense, in the red zone. We get better there, we win this game. But we’ve got to fix that area, period.”

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The Cowboys’ chances of a thrilling comeback were dashed by Kyzir White’s late interception in the end zone, only 1 of 5 tries in the red zone were successful for the Cowboys (2-1).

The ineffectiveness in the red zone was only one of the day’s odd statistics for Dallas, though. Despite having 75 plays compared to 53 for the Cardinals, the Cowboys were defeated by a score of 12 points. They also had more than nine minutes’ worth of possession time. In sharp contrast to the 386 yards of offense they gave up in their first two games, the Cowboys defense gave Arizona 400 yards of offense. Dallas also accrued 13 penalties for 107 yards, which is a startling total.

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The Cowboys will now be playing against the New England Patriots on October 2. The Patriots won the match against the New York Jets by 15-10.