The Buffalo Bills announced that they will wear ‘Love for Damar 3’ patches on their jerseys to honor safety Damar Hamlin, who collapsed and went into cardiac arrest on the field vs Cincinnati Bengals last week. Josh Allen and co play the New England Patriots at home on Sunday. 

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Other NFL teams have also joined the Buffalo Bills in honoring Hamlin. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in an open letter to fans said he is “grateful for and humbled by” all who played a role in the Bills safety’s ongoing recovery. 

“Damar Hamlin’s inspiring progress over the past few days has lifted the spirits of the entire NFL and football fans across the country,” Goodell wrote in the open letter. 

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“While his recovery is just beginning, we thank the NFL medical personnel and the medical staffs from both teams whose emergency action quite likely saved his life. We are also grateful to the professionals at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who tended to Damar and continue to oversee his care.”

Goodell further announced that players and coaches of all 32 teams will wear ‘Love for Damar 3’ shirts during pregame warmups to show support. 

“I’m deeply hopeful that with his continued progress, there is a good chance Damar himself will be watching his teammates,” wrote Goodell.

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“We are grateful for and humbled by all who played a role as he continues on his road to recovery.”

On Friday, the 24-year-old Hamlin was breathing on his own and able to talk after having his breathing tube removed, his agent said.

The Bills-Bengals game had major playoff implications for the AFC. Buffalo (12-3) entered Monday night needing a win to maintain the AFC’s No. 1 seed. The Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) now hold that spot. The Bengals (11-4) had a chance to earn that top seed with two more wins and a loss by the Chiefs.