The NBA is reportedly investigating referee Eric Lewis for running a Twitter burner account by the name CuttliffBlair.

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The account replied mostly to tweets involving Lewis, prompting the investigation, NBA reporter Marc Stein noted.

A Twitter user shared the screen recording of all the activity from the handle CuttliffBlair, with a tweet, saying “NBA ref Eric Lewis has been outed as having a burner account (


). Lmaooo this is a momentous day. The account will surely be deleted soon so for the archives, the entirety of the account’s replies. All involving… yep, Eric Lewis. 😂”.

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The tweet surfaced on social media in no time. Several Twitter users lambasted Eric for the burner account. The NBA fans trolled the referee and demanded NBA to ban him.

In retort, the user with the handle “CuttliffBlair replied, “Pablo,

This is MARK Lewis. Right family (older brother).

I’m sorry that I put E, in this situation, but this ain’t Watergate. You’re right, the account WILL be coming down. Twitter should not be this vindictive. 

Sorry to inconvenience you.”

However, NBA fans took no time to scrutinize the act. One user wrote, “Any time the league’s authenticity comes into question that’s not a good look and yes I think gambling comes into play here with this situation so it’s highly possible Eric Lewis is gone or faces a huge suspension.”

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NBA legend LeBron Jame also reacted to the argument and tweeted, “This Eric Lewis 💩 true??? 🤨”

NBA also took no time on reacting to the Twitter burner account of Eric Lewis’s mess and opened an immediate investigation. However, the account was later deleted.