The owners of the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers have teamed up to generously donate $100,000 after the 2023 Stanley Cup Final. The donations will be made to organizations which help and support veterans.

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The best-of-seven series between the two clubs is set to commence on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The teams will face off in an intense matchup, kicking off the series with high anticipation and excitement.

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Bill Foley, owner of the Knights, and Vincent Viola, owner of the Florida Panthers, announced their donation together on Saturday. Notably, Foley and Viola are both West Point alumni of the United States Military Academy; Foley served in the Air Force, while Viola served in the Army. Their common military experience gives their donation a meaningful context and highlights their dedication to helping veterans and giving back to the community.

As the announcement of the donation surfaced on social media. Several fans voiced their opinions on the open platform saying that sports should provide a distraction from political debates. They contend that people should be able to focus solely on the game while momentarily putting aside political issues in sports.

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One user taking a dig at the announcement tweeted, “Oooooh. Billionaires are gonna give what is the equivalent of a nickel, use it as a tax right-off, and donate to the PACs of lawmakers that push for tax cuts for the rich, while refusing to increase the minimum wage. Excuse me for not being impressed.”

“Omg when will they stop politicizing sports!!! I just want to watch the games!!! Stop telling people what to believe!!” another user tweeted.

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One user wrote, “…and it will be their own veterans foundation they will be selecting. There is nothing altruistic about this. More billionaires trying to convince you they are good people.”