Joshua Dobbs, quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, was hit by Jenkins as he was trying to throw the ball. Josh Allen returned it 37 yards for a touchdown. With 2:51 left in the game, the Jacksonville Jaguars took their first lead of the game. 

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Jacksonville held on to the 20-16 lead to win the game and win the AFC South title. The Titans, on the other hand, were knocked out of the playoffs race.  

Several fans objected referee Bill Vinovich’s call on the fumble. 

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“Tennessee Titans were ROBBED the #nfl wanted the #trevorlawrence to advance. It wasn’t a fumble it was a incomplete pass. Pathetic,” a Twitter user said. 

“A forward pass Isn’t a fumble, the game is rigged by the refs because they don’t want dobbs in the playoffs,” a second one added. 

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“I still can’t believe they called that a fumble. Unbelievably bad calm and those refs should be reprimanded,” a third one tweeted. 

“Here’s why Dobbs DIDN’T fumble. If, with Dobbs propelling the ball forward, a Titan had caught it. It would have been called a completed pass. Since he didn’t, it should’ve been called an incomplete pass. I’m completely right. That was a terrible call. #NFL #Titans #TENvsJAX,” another one said. 

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Some social media users were impressed with the way the referee took the call. 

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“He didn’t call a bad game. A fumble and a poor decision by Dobbs on 4th down cost us,” a social media user said. 

“Ahhh that was clearly a fumble,” another one added.