Boxer Gervonta Davis was arrested on Tuesday and booked into Broward County Jail in Florida after Vanessa Posso, a woman with whom he shares a child, had accused him of domestic assault. However, Posso has now reportedly taken back the allegations she made against the 28-year-old.

Posso has now released a statement on Twitter, “The state of our relationship has been in a fragile space and Gervonta and I were both at fault for the argument,” further adding, “While the emotions were running high I made an unnecessary call to law enforcement in an intense moment while I was frantic. Gervonta did not harm me or our daughter.”

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Posso had called 911 on Wednesday, saying, “Please help me! I need help, please”.  “I’m trying to go home, I have a baby in the car and he attacked me in front of the kid. And, now he’s messing up my tires!.. Please help me! He’s going to kill me!” she added.

After his arrest on Wednesday, Davis was released on the same day on a $1000 bond.

Soon after his release, the yet-unbeaten boxer posted a picture of himself watching the movie Frozen with his daughter, and caption it saying, “Do not let these people misguide you all on this bulls–t… this was just yesterday moments before me and my child mother had argument!” 

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“Watching ‘Frozen’ with my oldest daughter… I never put my hands on my child mother nor my f–king daughter are you f–king crazy!!… These people done put out so much stuff aired this everywhere and have a f–king helicopter flying over my house now as I write this because they look at this s–t as money to them and trying to get as much money as possible…”, he further added.

Davis is scheduled to fight boxer Hector Luis Garcia on January 7, after which he will be up against Ryan Garcia in April. New York Post has revealed that the Jan 7 fight is still on the cards.