Nick Kyrgios is a controversial Australian tennis player is well
known for his short temper and raging outbursts on the field. Some of which
have led to fines and penalties over the years. 

Kyrgios has racked up a staggering number of fines in
his tennis career adding up to nearly 800,000 Australian dollars (£452,000).
The Australian hothead is ahead of all his peers as the most-fined player in
the history of the sport.

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He even added to his high bill twice at Wimbledon 2022,
after being docked £8,211 for spitting at spectators following his first-round
victory over Brit Paulo Jubb. Kyrgios has now received his second fine of the
tournament in the form of £3,300 after his fiery third-round encounter with
fourth seed Stefanos Tsitsipas, during which he swore at the umpire and
demanded his opponent be defaulted for hitting a ball into the crowd.

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Speaking on the Turn up the Talk podcast last month, he
said  “All the fines that I get fined
go to charity. That’s for everyone. So every time we get fined, they’re like
it’s going to charity. I was like, ‘I don’t know why you would tell me that.

Kyrgios claimed that not all of his fines have been fair.
“I would probably have in my entire career – man, I have been hit with
some big ones – but I don’t think all the time it has been fair, to be honest.
But I would say I’d be approaching 800 grand, I reckon,” he said.

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All fines set by the Grand Slam Board are paid within 10
days and that money is used to fund the Grand Slam Player Development
Programme. Since its establishment, approximately more than £45 million has
been pumped into the Development Program from the fines alone. Moreover, the
scheme has helped to provide competitive opportunities in developing tennis
regions across the globe.