By tracking the location of kidnappers, through the mobile phone number, the police in Nodia safely rescued a scientist held hostage in a hotel room, in an operation that lasted nearly five hours.

The well-coordinated operation involved a sophisticated surveillance team, a crime branch team and the local police – an ensemble of around two dozen policemen to rescue the 45-year-old hostage.

The Home Department of the Uttar Pradesh government on Monday announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for the district police for successfully executing the task.

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“Around two dozen police personnel, including senior officers, were on their toes during the rescue operation directly monitored by Police Commissioner Alok Singh,” a senior officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Noida, Rajesh S led the surveillance team that tracked the location, while additional DCP Ranvijay Singh commanded the Crime Branch team and ACP Vimal Singh was entrusted the Sector 49 police team.

“Rescuing a hostage is challenging because no policeman would want to put the victim in harm. Our top priority was rescuing the hostage safely,” the official, privy to the operation, told PTI requesting anonymity.

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Before entering the hotel, the personnel in the civil dress closely surveyed the area and were in a two-to-three-km radius of the hotel for a couple of hours.

All personnel engaged in the operation had clear instructions: “Do not trigger any false alarm”.

“Any false alarm gives the kidnapper a chance to escape. It could also lead to a situation of collateral damage, putting in harm the kidnapped person. The priority was his safe release,” the official said.

“While personnel around the hotel were keeping a low profile, those at the border were keeping a vigilant eye on vehicles without stopping them. They were told only to hold any vehicle if the suspicion level is very high,” the official added.

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According to the police official, the entire operation took less than five hours and the victim was rescued safely. 

Three people, including a woman, have been arrested for the kidnapping, while two more of their partners are missing and searches are underway to nab them, the police said.