Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel admitted having fears of being ousted from the top-four of the Premier League ahead of an important clash against top-four aspirants West Ham at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference, the 48-year-old German said, “Feeling secure does not keep you on the edge, not fully alert. So I do not feel safe and nobody should in the Premier League.”

Asked about his comments on the Stamford Bridge pitch, which Tuchel had partly blamed for Chelsea’s home loss against local rivals Arsenal, the German gave a rather lengthy explanation.

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“I don’t know. I am not a specialist on it. We are looking on the highest level in every department. I know everybody is trying hard, I know. I said it because the first goal was a mistake from Andreas but the mistake was because of a funny bounce of the ball,” Tuchel told the press.

“We had more of them in the game. It was bit awkward to play and calculate the speed and bounce of the ball. This one has a clear relationship. It’s like this so that was it. I know everybody is working hard in every department and want to provide the best level so we try to keep on going,” the German added.

Tuchel also provided an update on Chelsea’s injuries, saying, “For Sunday both of them [Mateo Kovacic & Antonio Rudiger] not back. But no other injuries.”

The German went on to pay his respects to Sunday’s opponents, and heaped praise on West Ham manager David Moyes.

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“I think he [David Moyes] is doing an incredible job in a very popular club and very emotional club, a team together. A group with a coach that is enjoyable to watch. We follow the Euro League games, I follow a lot of their games because it is nice to watch with a full investment physically,” Tuchel said.

Third-placed Chelsea, which is in the process of being sold after owner Roman Abramovich got sanctioned, need a win desperately to maintain a gap with Arsenal, who are hot on the Blues’ tails.

A West Ham win, meanwhile, will help the Hammers leapfrog a struggling Manchester United and reach the sixth position and take them to 55 points, five behind Arsenal.