YouTuber IShowSpeed was punched by a Manchester City supporter during the team’s FA Cup final win against Man United on Saturday. The Red Devils’ defender Victor Lindelof was hit by an object when he was celebrating a goal.

City won 2-1 at the Wembley Stadium in London. Pep Guardiola’s run for the treble is on.

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The FA Cup final did not go well for popular Cristiano Ronaldo fan – YouTuber IShowSpeed. The 18-year-old whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, was supporting United. He was live-streaming from the stands.

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However, mid-way through the first half, a Man City supporter attacked him.


“A Man City fan tried to attack IshowSpeed at the FA Cup final, but his bodyguard was on timing. 😳,” a Twitter user reacted.

“Manchester City fan PUNCHES YouTuber IShowSpeed during the FA Cup final 👀🤔” another one said on Twitter.

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The YouTuber was talking to his followers on camera when he was suddenly pushed backward. “What the f***?” he reacted.

The two argued off-camera. The YouTuber could be heard asking his cameraman – “Why’d he just f punch me bro? Why’d he put his hands on me bro? I didn’t even touch him!”. It is unclear why he was attacked.

IShowSpeed’s bodyguard intervened and restrained the attacker. The YouTuber has previously attended Premier League games – supporting Ronaldo. He was present during United vs Aston Villa when the star forward was not in the team due to illness.

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“I’m crying right now, I flew all the way to Manchester to see Ronaldo and he’s not playing,” he had tweeted reacting to CR7 sitting out.

Meanwhile, City captain Ilkay Gundogan opened the scoring in 12 seconds – setting a record for a goal in the FA Cup finals. Bruno Fernandes converted a spot-kick after Jack Grealish was fouled just before halftime.

Gundogan scored again in the second half to give his side a 2-1 advantage.