Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies star, has been accused of punching a teenager and threatening with a gun. The NBA player is being criticised on social media. Meanwhile, a video of Commissioner Adam Silver is being circulated on Twitter, where he can be seen announcing Morant’s indefinite suspension. The video looks morphed.

Ja Morant, an NBA star got into legal trouble after a 17-year-old accused the player of punching him multiple times during a pickup basketball game that took place at Morant’s house in Tennessee in July last year.

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The teenager alleged that after an altercation during the game went out of hand, the Memphis Grizzlies player went into his house and came back with a “gun visible in the waistband of his pants and his hand on the weapon.” The teenager also stated that he had a “large knot” on side of his head where Morant hit him, reported Washington Post, quoting interviews conducted by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office detectives. 

TMZ also reported that the teenager had sued Morant, the No 2 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and a two-time All-Star.

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Another similar case of threats was also noticed against the 23-year-old Morant. A mall security guard told authorities that Morant “threatened” him during an altercation in a parking lot of the mall. He alleged that a member of Morant’s entourage “shoved him in the head”. This incident allegedly happened four days before the incident with the teenager, reported The Washington Post.  

When questioned by the police, Morant admitted to hitting the teenager but reportedly told them that he had acted in self-defence. He claimed that the teenager had thrown a ball at him and then stepped toward him.

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The two reported incidents are the latest in the string of troubling allegations surrounding Morant. The league investigated last month, claims by Indiana Pacers that Morant’s companions had “aggressively confronted” members of the Pacers’ traveling party. It was also alleged that they threatened them by pointing a red laser at them, possibly attached to a gun.

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