Philadelphia Eagles, who were missing starting quarterback Jalen Hurts on Sunday, struggled against the New Orleans Saints in the first quarter of their Week 17 game at the Lincoln Financial Field. 

The Eagles, who can seal seed 1 with a win, were 13-0 down. 

As the team failed to make an impact, several fans on social media hailed Jalen Hurts, calling him the MVP. 

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“If you are watching this #Eagles game and still don’t think Jalen Hurts is the MVP, you’re wrong. #NOvsPHI,” a Twitter user said. 

“Anyone who doesn’t think Jalen Hurts is the MVP, watch the Eagles’ offense with Minshew under center. #jalenhurts #Eagles,” another one added. 

“Anyone watching this Eagles game and still not thinking Jalen Hurts is the MVP is just a stone cold liar at this point,” a third one tweeted. 

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“Eagles biggest weakness is their young coaches who let the 8-0 start get to their heads. They’re like a deer in the head lights calling plays without Jalen Hurts and now, their play calling is resulting in coaching malpractice in meaningless situations,” said another fan.

“Who dies first. Me or the eagles. My will to live is .1 and the only reason it isn’t 0 is because jalen hurts (the mvp) is still alive,” a fan joked on Twitter. 

Another one summed up Eagle’s performance with the following tweet: “You guys are garbage & frauds soft as Jalen hurts not playing hopefully this cost y’all the bye week and you guys lose 1st round.”

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“They win last week with Hurts. This game isn’t this close with Hurts. He is the reason they are in the playoffs. He is the difference on this team. He wasn’t supposed to make the jump he did from last season to this season. Yes. Jalen Hurts is the MVP,” a fan brilliantly explained the drop in the Eagle’s performance with Hurts out.