Jared Goff, quarterback for the Detroit Lions, led the team to an equalising touchdown against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. 

After the team had scored, sideline reporters said that Goff’s helmet had come down with an issue. Backup QB Nate Sudfeld was writing plays on a chalkboard. The starter ultimately changed his gear. 

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The Detroit Lions are leading 24-10 at half-time.

Despite the problems with his helmet, Goff has delivered a stellar performance in the first half of the game as he rushed for 173 yards, completed passes to 10 different players, and scored two touchdowns.

One LA Rams fan said on Twitter regarding Goff’s performance, “As a Ram fan I will forever be grateful to Matthew Stafford for delivering a super bowl but we traded Jared Goff and mortgaged our future and JG has been one of the best QBs this year. The Lions can win with him. He was not the problem. Congratulations Jared on a great year.”

Another one said, “So somebody tell me again, why Jared Goff didn’t get named to the pro bowl from the get-go? I mean… Seriously? Dude is having a year, has completely turned around a terrible team, him not being in is a joke.”

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Promising as a youngster, Goff had received offers from Fresno State, Washington State, as well as Boise State Universities. However, he chose to enroll himself into University of California, Berkeley.

The 28-year-old quarterback began his career in the NFL with the LA Rams after his days in university football. He joined the Detroit Lions in 2021.

In his short stint with the Rams, Goff managed two NFL all-time records- he completed 45 passes in one game on September 29, 2019, the highest ever; he also tied with four other players to record four comebacks, the highest for a 4th quarterback in a season.