Social media users, after learning that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid preserved a Thanksgiving turkey gifted by NFL legend John Madden for more than a year, said they are not surprised. Several trolled the 64-year-old. 

Kansas City Chiefs beat the Los Angeles Rams 26-10 at the Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. 

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“So Andy Reid has a turkey he got from John Madden over a year ago and it’s still in freezer waiting to be eaten? Bon Appetite! I already miss the World Cup!” a Twitter user said. 

“Andy Reid bout to eat a year old frozen turkey ?? Lmfao” another one added. 

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“I mean, *of course* Andy Reid has a special “Turducken” he is waiting to have in honor of John Madden. #ChiefsKingdom,” a third one said. 

In his tribute to former player and coach John Madden, Reid had said that he still has ‘my turducken in the freezer, in tribute to him’. 

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This year, NFL celebrated Thanksgiving as John Madden day. The broadcasted died last year. 

“No one cared more or contributed more to our game than John Madden,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement Thursday.

“Honoring his memory and impact on the NFL is important and Thanksgiving Day brings all of the elements significant to John to life — family, football, food and fun.”

“There’s no place that I would rather be today on Thanksgiving than right here, right now, at a football game,” Madden said at the Bears-Lions Thanksgiving game in 1997. “There are just certain things that go together: the turkey, the family, the tradition, football. … And we have it all today.”

Madden began the tradition of handing out a turkey leg to the star of the game beginning in 1989 when Philadelphia’s Reggie White got it following a win over Dallas.