Liverpool’s dreams of a quadruple were shattered after the Premier League title race boiled down to the final day and saw rivals Manchester City beat Aston Villa 3-2 in the game’s final moments. Meanwhile, the Merseyside club also came back from being one down against Wolves to net three goals in the game. 

However, the City win meant that despite a fiery race to the finish, and a stunning 92 points, the PL title went to Pep Guardiola’s team. Liverpool, however, has other – and bigger- fish to fry, since they now face Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid in Paris for the Champions League final. 

Speaking after the game, coach Jurgen Klopp said “We have now five days to prepare for the final and that’s what we’ll do”, adding, “Then we will face an incredibly experienced team. But it’s OK. Of course, losing the league today increases the desire to put it right next week.” 

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Liverpool have played every possible game this season since the Reds already completed wins at the Carabao and FA Cups, and have now ended the PL season, leaving only the CL final looming. The intensity of the season reflects in the squad, and the final PL matchday saw Thiago walk off after picking up an injury in the first half. 

As the race against time continues for the professional midfielder, Divock Origi looks to be out of the CL final with a minor muscle injury. 

The 54-year-old manager shared Thiago’s update, saying, “Not good, but I cannot say more. He was outside with the families, had his little girl on his shoulder, so he could walk. That’s obviously a good sign. All the rest, we’ll see from tomorrow”. 

He refused to speculate on the player’s condition, adding, “Yes, lower part of the body. I know it but I actually don’t want to talk now about it. We will see.” 

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Klopp asked reporters to wait until Liverpool knew for certain the extent and seriousness of Thiago’s injury. He noted, “…we want to wait until we know more about it. Then you get the information as well.” 

The manager also addressed City’s victory, and winning the PL title despite facing stiff competition from Liverpool. 

“With all the things, I would have preferred if they were 5-0 after 10 minutes and then you play the game and it’s fine”, Klopp said, adding, “So it makes it of course more difficult. But the season was so close, so tight. Moments, decisions, these kinds of things, when you are one point apart.” 

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The German coach continued, “What I learned about life is if you stay on track, if you keep going, you’ll get a reward”, and also said, “Not today, the maximum reward, but we will get it. It’s about us to keep going and that’s what we will do.” 

He concluded by addressing his opposite number at City, “Congratulations to Man City, Pep Guardiola, all staff, all players, whole club, for being champions. We were close but, in the end, not close enough. That’s how it is.”