Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who announced his retirement from international cricket on Saturday, rechristened himself as ‘Captain cool’
with his calm demeanour and cool approach towards the game under pressure
situations. Commentators and cricket analysts along with other active players
of the game, too, were in awe of his composure and total control of emotions.

However, there were instances when Dhoni really did lose his temper
during certain matches and shocked the world. As Dhoni announced his retirement
in an Instagram post on Saturday evening, here’s a look at some of the instances
when Captain cool was not in control of his emotions.

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India vs Australia, 2012

India were up against Australia in an ODI match when Dhoni
lost his cool for a changed decision that went against India’s way. Michael
Hussey was stumped off Suresh Raina’s bowling. After checking for the potential
wicket, Hussey was given out. However, when he was walking off the field, the
on-field umpires called the Australian back to bat again.

This angered Dhoni and on approaching the umpires, he was told
that the third umpire had pressed the wrong button. The decision stood and
Hussey continued batting.

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India vs Australia, 2012

This One-day International (ODI) series had a few questionable
decisions made against India. The Indians wanted Australian batsman David
Hussey to be given out for handling the ball. However, he was ruled not out by
the umpires, saying that the Australian batsman stuck his hand out to avoid an
instance. This did not bode well with Dhoni as he traded barbs with the on-field

India vs Bangladesh, 2015

The 2015 One-Day International series between India and Bangladesh was marred with controversies. And this series, in a way, was the start of a rivalry between these two cricketing nations. During one of the ODI matches, Mustafizur Rahman, unknowingly, was blocking MS Dhoni’s way when he was attempting to take a run. Dhoni, who was under pressure, lost his cool for few seconds and was seen shoulder-shoving the bowler out of his way. Mustafizur was hurt and left the field for treatment. While Dhoni was later dismissed for only five runs, India lost the match by 79 runs.

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India vs Sri Lanka, 2017

India spinner Kuldeep Yadav was at the receiving end when apparently, he did not pay heed to Dhoni’s suggestion of countering the batsman. Kuldeep was getting hit for a maximum every time he pitched the ball up. So, Dhoni advised him to pitch the ball further up and made field changes. However, Kuldeep snubbed the field changes suggestion and set his own field. This made Dhoni lose his cool, which in turn forced Kuldeep to listen to the advise and counter the batsman.

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India vs South Africa, 2018

It is rare to see Dhoni lose his temper but when he does,
you do not want to be at the receiving ends. During the second T20 match
between South Africa and India, Dhoni blasted Manish Pandey for not being alert
on the field and missing a chance for a possible second run. Manish Pandey was
ball watching and this did not sit well with the veteran batsman.

The phrase ‘ball watching’ is used when a player is looking
at the ball and not at the player.